Modular Robotic Platform for on-site construction

Modular Robotic Platform for on-site construction

About us 

Robot At Work has created a new facade system for both renovation and new buildings, which saves logistics and makes scaffolding redundant. We move the robots to the construction site, where they collaborate with the craftsmen to solve the complex construction projects of the future. We make it possible to perform unique 3D designs on facades and surfaces – which opens up a new world of architecture made by robots.



3D Rendering

Wall rendering or wall plastering,  is when the wall is coated with material to level the surface. Our technology will change the future of manual labour, ultimately saving resources. With our solutions, now you can do wall rendering with laser precision. 


3D Milling

3D milling allows for 3 dimensional design, where the robot drills into the wall to create a deeper section on the surface. Your imagination can now become a reality. You can have your designs crafted and imprinted exactly how you imagined them, with our solution.


New Customised Solutions

Robot at work continuously develops new solutions on sight within the constructions industry. This allows robots and men to work together efficiently, providing quality results and saving resources.
If you would Like us to develop a custom solutions for you, please contact us. 

The team 


Finn Christensen

Finn Christensen has, through his company Invela, specialized in the development of energy-optimized building systems and products since 2006. Invela is a partner of the EU Horizon 2020 projects: More Connect (Development of a new facade renovation system) and P2Endure (Development of user-driven building robots)

Anders Martiny 

Anders Martiny has the company Martiny Automation, whose focus is on robotics technology. The company Use Robot Nordic ApS advises and supports automation in most industries and has a broad knowledge of both robot and PLC systems.



Odense Robotics

Odense Robotics is the collective term for the high-tech ’ecosystem’ created by the robot and automation companies, suppliers, education and research facilities, investment capital and public actors in and around Odense. 

Universal Robots

Universal Robots is a Danish manufacturer of smaller flexible industrial collaborative robot arms (cobots), based in Odense, Denmark. The business volume in 2016 was DKK 662 million. The company has 350+ employees and distributors in 50 countries worldwide.

LIP Building Products

LIP Building Products – is a Danish owned company which has produced high quality products at competitive prices ever since its foundation in 1967. The products include tile adhesives  and mortars. These days we also produce and sell products such as floor compounds, waterproofing and more. 


Fugekrads is a specialized joint venture. We are milling the joints and joining the house again. We only use Danish approved mortar types in the best quality.

KKS Isolering

KKS Insulation is a family-owned company under KKS Denmark. For a number of years, KKS insulation has been working on all forms of insulation, based on the industry’s ever increasing demands for quality assurance.

Platform is a dynamic service-oriented company that designs and leases work platforms for construction projects throughout Denmark. We are committed to servicing construction companies and our goal is to give everyone an optimal experience of service, safety and efficiency.

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Finn Christensen


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Anders Martiny


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